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Pinball Management Mastered

PinRemote™ is a unique device that allows to remotely control your modern pinball machine. Click HERE to see a comparison of what the different models offer.

How it Works

The PinRemote™ circuit communicates via a AES-secured Bluetooth radio link. It is not on the Internet and thus isn't hackable. Range varies wildly due to the amount of shilding the cabinet has but typically varies up to 20 feet. Theoretical [free air] range is 100 meters (330') but the pinball enclosure attenuates the signal.

What it Does

It allows you to press your service buttons remotely using your phone/tablet as if you were at the machine with the coin door open.

The circuit board is inserted between the wire harness that currently connects to the switches and the switches. Power is supplied by intercepting 12V at the coin door lighting connectors. Click HERE to download PDF instructions.

Supported Phones and Tablets

Apple iPhones are supported from iPhone 4 and beyond. Apple iPads are supported if they have Bluetooth capability. Apple iPod devices are supported for 5th generation and later devices. Android devices must have OS 5.0 and newer.

The PinRemote™ device is a compact 1" x 2" and weighs about 1/2 an ounce. Two cables connect it to the service switches and power.

Instruction Sheets

Click on these links to see the instruction sheet for each model.