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PinRemote™ Instructions

Installing the PinRemote™ is very easy and takes under 5 minutes.

PinRemote™ Installation Instructions

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Plain Text Install Directions

  1. Overview:   PinRemote™ is inserted between the service switches and the cable that connects to the switches. It gets 12V power from the coin mechanism’s lighting connector. Installation typically takes under 5 minutes.
  2. Behind the Coin Door:   Unplug your pinball machine. Open the coin door and remove the service switches. Disconnect the cable that connects to the switches.
  3. PinRemote™ Switch Connectors:   The data connectors can be connected on either end. The way shown below is recommended.
  4. PinRemote™ Power Connector:   12V power is fed by tapping into the coin mechanism light connector:

    Pull the top bulb connector and insert the double-ended quick connect at the end of the orange wire in between the bulb and the power wire:

  5. Secure Circuit Board:  

    Reattach the service switches to the coin door. Attach the circuit board to some anchor points near the service switches using the enclosed Ty-Raps. Power on the machine and the "I'm Alive" LED should flash rythmically: