Iron Transfer LLC

Creative Electronics

About Our Company

Iron Transfer is a Colorado mountain corporation operating in a commercially-zoned area of Parachute.

Our Vision

Innovate with modern electronics that people value.

Parachute is at one boundry of the Piceance gas field. Wells drilled into the Williams, Green River, Cozette and Niobrara formations provide gas to the western US via pipelines.

Our Mission

Provide value through quality electronic products and services.

The above is the schematic for a solar tracker designed in 2012. Trackers are great ideas but not commercially-viable because they don't qualify for tax credits.

Our Organization

It's all about skills. The more you have, the more efficient you are. In times of economic boom it is hard to schedule help when you need it. If you can take the job from concept to end product without bringing others into the task you can accurately predict when you'll complete the job.

Here is a list of our core competencies:

  • Schematic capture and circuit board layout: Autdesk® Eagle
  • Circuit simulation: LT Spice® IV
  • 3D drafting: Autdesk® Fusion 360
  • 3D printer slicing: Simplify 3D®
  • LASER cutting design: CorelDraw!®

This is our hardware suite:

  • Desktop: Intel® I7, Windows® 10;
  • LASER cutter: Full Spectrum® H-Series USA made in Las Vegas
  • 3D printer: MakerGear® M2
  • Pick and place machine: LitePlacer® designed in Finland
  • Solder paste screen printer: Manncorp® 4500R
  • Reflow oven: home built
  • CNC mill: Instructables® Carvey

"When you're a life-long learner you never retire."

Our Future

This is an age of Makers. Prices on 3D printers, LASER cutters and even pick-and-place machines are within reach of people with moderate incomes. It is tremendously exciting to see young people embracing the creative process. We at I.T. were born "Makers" but now can afford all the tools to actualize our ideas.

We enjoy talking to the young makers and inspiring them to reach for the stars.