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PinRemote™ WPC

PinRemote™ WPC (Williams interlock) This model handles the Williams door interlock correctly.

Feature Benefit
Wireless Pinball Controller Do most administration tasks without keys
Venue Operator login Can control volume and offer promotional credits
Venue Employee login Can asjust volume to satisfy customers
Refund account login Coin/bill mechs can be monitored for failures
8 "Friend" accounts Game being played promotes itself
Door interlock handled correctly Required for service switches to operate with closed coin door

Supported Phones and Tablets

Apple iPhones are supported from iPhone 4 and beyond. Apple iPads are supported if they have Bluetooth capability. Android devices must have OS 5.0 and newer. Apple iPod devices are supported for 5th generation and later devices.

The PinRemote™ device is a compact 1" x 2" and weighs about 1/2 an ounce. Two cables connect it to the service switches and power.